Have you ever wanted to try to to something crazy?

Have you ever wanted to steer on the wild side?

Have you ever wanted to go away the office environment and never return?

Driving up to Manchester one autumn’s evening in 1995, i made a decision something had to vary .

The three hour journey from Leicester had became a six hour marathon, again.

It was cold, damp and desolate stuck within the endless lines of slow moving cars.

In my briefcase sat an unsigned and rather overly negotiated contract extension for my job in Leicester. once I finally arrived in Manchester at 11pm, bored, hungry and miserable – I knew that I couldn’t face another winter of living and dealing out of a suitcase. it had been time for serious change. Imitation

The week before, I had been stuck on a train for hours heading right down to London.

The woman sat opposite me had left her travel magazine on the seat when she alighted at Luton. I had read my newspaper back to front and on the second time of reading, I found nothing new.

I reached over and killed a touch time by flicking through the glossy magazine, but whenever I thumbed the pages, my eyes returned to page 34 which advertised a five month trip to South and Central America. Setting faraway from Ushuaia in Argentina (the most southerly City within the world) and finishing in Mexico City . The itinerary read sort of a Who’s Who of top travel destinations.

Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Punta Arenas , Pucon (Mount Villarica – 10,000 feet active volcano), Bariloche, Esquel, Argentina Lake District , Santiago, Valparaiso, La Serena, the Atacama Desert , Arica, Nazca, Arequipa, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Manaus, Angel then on…

Do you get the picture? Prodigy Innovations

Travelling on a converted truck and free camping, the lucky adventurers would experience the complete range of South and Central America’s charms. Having never been camping before and with my thirty-fifth birthday celebrations still ringing in my ears, I suddenly realised that i used to be confronted by a serendipitous ‘once during a lifetime’ opportunity. Would I break the mould of my boring office life or exit bravely into an adventurer’s world?

I was single, no obligations and that i had the cash . what’s the purpose in having an enormous bank balance while life was passing me by?

The following Monday morning, I handed my notice in. Contract discussions had been delayed and that i had only ten working days to endure. It appeared like forever before i used to be released from that working purgatory.

Once the deed was done, i used to be walking on air. Skipping down the corridor and whistling ‘El condor Pasa’ – I never whistle…

It was a euphoric experience – the load of meetings, ironing work shirts and driving those endless miles up and down he M1 had dissipated into nothingness. Top priority on this project manager’s list was buying outdoor gear, expensive sleeping bags, boots and every one weather jackets.

And there was one place, one destination that i used to be focussed on – Machu Picchu in Peru – I had read such a lot about it and that i knew that it might be the highlight of my journey…

If you would like to seek out out exactly how my crazy decision turned out… then click on the link and follow my path on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Help Flight

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