The Wildtronics Micro Mic PIP uses a Primo EM172 mic ingredient. The Primo EM172 is an excellent component with very good sensitivity in addition to a lower sound ground, that has manufactured it a highly regarded ingredient Employed in many merchandise. Not quite a few PIP recorders have the proper inside circuitry to get the entire Positive aspects and requirements in the Primo EM172, aside from the Sony PCM-M10 and some Other folks. The Primo EM172 factor requires a recording device to acquire a particular energy provide voltage and resistor worth. The microphone will still work, If your circuit will not be optimized, but at lessened technical specs. The overall circuit present in most recorders will do the job with other PIP microphones just great, but Many of these Have a very Considerably better sound floor, >20dBA, and any optimization wouldn’t be visible.

With the manufacturing facility, the Zoom H6 recorder is just not optimized to work properly with the popular Primo EM172 ingredient. This information will describe ways to modify your Zoom H6 to find the most out of your respective PIP microphones, and reduce the noise floor by 5dBA when using an EM172 primarily based microphone. We may even describe how to spice up the get of the XY microphone module, which only will allow as many as 46dB of acquire from your manufacturing facility, to 56dB, whilst also lowering the equivalent enter noise of your input amplifier. Wildtronics could supply the company of modifying your module for you personally. Remember to e mail us for aspects and cost.The Zoom XY microphone module, XYH-6, provides a 3.5mm connector that enables a mic or line enter. The Zoom H6 can provide 2.5 volts to ability PIP microphones. The difficulty would be that the ability is provided via a 2K ohm resistor, which is way too lower to have the most out of your Primo EM172 factor. The Primo EM172 can obtain a sounds floor of 15dBA, but with that 2K ohm resistor while in the circuit, it can only get 20dBA, causing a noisier recording than expected.

This mod is rather straightforward, but you must have talent and products to solder and tackle 0402 surface area mount resistors. 0402 components are very tiny, simply a millimeter in size. If you are not qualified in handling tiny area mount areas, you might damage the pads on the Personal computer board and spoil the complete XY microphone module. For anyone who is proficient, you are Zoom H6 able to do this mod in about an hour with incredibly economical pieces, just some resistors. It is extremely recommended to implement an excellent magnifying glass or magnifying goggles to work Together with the smaller elements, and also to insure the many soldering is completed with no bridging to other elements.Parts wanted: quantity 2- 5.49K ohm surface mount resistors, size 0402; quanitity 2- four.7K ohm area mount resistors, dimensions 0402 (with the achieve mod). You could just use quantity 4- four.99K ohm resistors if you want to simplify. Get not less than ten resistors, as it’s very simple to shed the little components.Initially, go ahead and take XY mic module apart by unscrewing the four screws on The underside, marked with the crimson arrows.

Now comes the challenging aspect. Remove The 2, 2k ohm resistors that provide the PIP electrical power revealed With all the arrows. They are located next to The three.5mm connector, and near the two electrical power supply regulators. Replace them With all the 5.49K ohm resistors. This isn’t effortless due to tight spot. If you would like even more Enhance the circuit, you might substitute the regulators with kinds that will supply four volts, but that is a very included venture since Zoom applied some pretty unusual regulators by having an odd pin out. The enhanced voltage would improve the circuit by just one to 2 dB at probably the most, so Don’t be concerned about it A great deal. Although In the module, we recognized that Zoom utilized some pretty good parts. The input op amp has a sounds ranking of three.3nV, which happens to be an excellent section able to acquiring a very lower EIN, if made correctly. Looking at the facility source regulators is an enormous moreover. Most buyer products would skip the regulators.

When you are proud of the 46dB max obtain out there in the module, you at the moment are completed. Examine the unit for purpose then reassemble the module. Connecting a microphone that takes advantage of a Primo EM172 will now provide you with a 5dBA lower sounds flooring and a few 6dB increase in sensitivity. If you desire to to boost the level of obtain available to 56dB, and reduce the equal enter noise to about -126dBA, convert the Computer system board over to see the op amp and similar pieces. By changing the obtain, you’ll drop the max SPL rating from 136dB to 126dB, nevertheless genuinely loud. Locate the two 1K ohm resistors located in the opinions with the op amp, marked With all the crimson arrows. Be really mindful to switch the proper resistors. Trace the circuit, if in doubt, the resistors are between pin six and 7, and between pin 1 and a couple of, with the op amp. Get rid of them and replace them with four.7K ohm resistors. You’re finished. We advocate plugging within the mic module to the H6, and run a examination to make certain every thing is Functioning just before reassembling. The equal enter sounds in the preamp will now be about -126dBA because we are expanding the gain of the initial amp stage which works by using a lower noise op amp. The 2nd stage amp in the module is not made at the same time, utilizing a decrease Expense op amp and very superior resistor values. Growing the get of the 1st stage, makes it possible for the second stage to own much larger signals and so the general sounds is considerably less effected via the sound flooring of the next amp.

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