Strange name, but good features and lot of them. Tabbed browsing, Add ons, Feed detection and preview plus a smart location feature that finds previously visited sites as you type into the location bar. Like Opera it has a built in, fully fledged email client, plus an HTML composer, an IRC chat client and web development. The user interface might be a bit plain Jane, but this is the sister at home Opera doesn’t want you to meet.


Another favourite of mine, but don’t let that sway you. Unlike some other browsers, Camino has been built from the ground up exclusively for the Mac platform, and it shows. Tab overviews, Phishing and malware protection, download notifications, and a baby boomer proof ability to zoom the full content of a web page instead of just increasing the text size. The UI is totally uncluttered and functional and it uses the least RAM of all of them. Worth a look.


This app is both new and promising, and might just be the thing that Mac bloggers have been craving…the ability to have 4 different sites open in the same browser window – no more tab to tab to tab! I feel a bit of a flake here, as it’s not a browser per se, but requires Safari running in the background. I’ll be having an in depth look at this, and posting a review inside the internet marketing section also, as it looks like it could be a bit of a sleeping giant.

It’s quick, very quick (Chrome only beats to the line by a short nose), it comes with drag and drop tabbed windows, workspaces that save your browsing sessions, history and window locations. The way it uses tabs is unique (they appear as a screen down the left side of the browser window instead of at the top), and it gives you the functionality to tune out all ads, popups and web blurb to leave you in peace with your browsing.

Honorable Mention – iCab

The powerusers browser without doubt. Screamingly quick, a quirky but very mac like UI.

It’s fast, secure, very light on memory and with too many configuration options to put down in one paragraph.

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