There are some harmful elements which are common in use and are responsible in increasing toxic elements in human body. Acesulfame K is actually Acesulfame potassium, a calorie-free artificial sweetener, exists in puddings, chewing gum, non-dairy creamers, instant coffee mixes, tea mixes, and gelatin desserts. It can cause cancer in some individuals and produced lung tumors, breast tumors, and several forms of leukemia and chronic respiratory disease. Acetaldehyde is an organic chemical compound which is produced from plants as part of their normal metabolism, occurs naturally in coffee, bread, and ripe fruit, and artificially exists in nail polish remover, nail polish etc. It inhaled into our organs and bloodstream and causes headaches, vomiting and unconsciousness, coma, cancer, increases pulse rate, confusion, shortens the menstrual cycle in women etc. When someone drinks alcohol, it breaks down and enters human body’s cells as acetaldehyde, that causes most alcohol-related diseases. The human Body can only process certain amount of acetaldehyde, no matter how much or little you drink. When alcohol enters the blood stream, it starts damaging vital organs.

Alcohol Found in mouthwash, toothpaste, cleansers, and astringent. This has been known to increase possibilities of oral cancer in some individuals. Detox is the best treatment, it does not hid or mask the toxins. It enables the natural organs of human body to flush the unwanted substances from the body. The heavy bodies over 180 pounds required longer detox treatment after which the body will be toxin free until that toxins re-enter in body. For the removal of alcohol detox from the body, alcohol detox is a best method, it is brought about by abstinence from alcohol, medication, and altering the diet of the patients.

The process of detoxification is carried out by liver and kidneys normally, when alcohol consumption is moderate, detoxification can be done at home. If detoxification is complicated and involves cases like hallucinations, then inpatient detoxification becomes necessary and medication buy valium is used to detoxify heavy drinkers. Benzodiazepines with chlordiazepoxide and diazepam are the most common drugs used for alcohol detoxification, in case of diazepam some care is necessary while using because it may mixed with huge doses of alcohol. It is necessary for the patient to use huge amount of water and protein rich diet throughout the process of detoxification which lasts for five to six weeks, for good results. The alphabetic list of harmful substances with their treatment is available with detail in the recommended book “The Body Detox Method” which can be viewed and purchased from the below link.

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